Evolution brings you the member amazing and exclusive access to offers including discount vouchers and services that add value to your life . Whether it's shopping online, getting telephonic assistance or emergency help - Evolution gives you everything you need. For more information on the amazing offers available to you, remember to login, download your membership brochure or give us a call. Being part of Evolution has never been so easy.

The Offer:

Members have access to an efficient medical emergency help desk. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The service includes assistance with Medical Emergency guidance, transport and response assistance, Trauma & Crisis Assistance, Medical Facilities & Practitioners Referral, In-Hospital Medical Monitoring and more valuable telephonic assistance in your time of need.

The Discount Vouchers offer helps Members make decisions on their lifestyle needs by giving discounted access to SA’s favourite national brand and service providers. Members have access to huge range of discount partners which vary from holiday accommodation, travel packages and flights to car rentals, motoring, online shopping, restaurants and more.

An uninterrupted, confidential and professional telephonic counselling facility is available to customers every day of the year.The offer outlined below applies to all incidents of assault and trauma. Assault and trauma refer to a physical, violent attack which includes rape.

Professional, in-house, qualified legal advisors provide advice to the customer on any legal topic or matter ranging from debt and divorce to labour and domestic violence, 24/7. The legal service also provides for standard legal documents such as a domestic worker employment contract, maintenance kit, offer to purchase, small claims court kit, Road Accident Fund, etc.

The Funeral Assist product offers specialized, professional assistance to customers with funeral arrangement during a time of need, the aim is to provide telephonic assistance in a language which poses no or otherwise a limited communication barrier in the time of distress.

Following assault or rape and accidental exposure to HIV, the member is referred to public and or private facilities for HIV Aids testing, via 24/7/365 telephonic access. The cost of three (3) blood tests per incident, one immediately after the event, a second after a period of six weeks and a third after three months - unless the subscriber has been tested as HIV positive at the time of the initial blood test. In this case further testing will not be paid for.

Members have access to an efficient roadside emergency help desk. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year within the borders of South Africa for any of the vehicles used by the main Member or the main Member's immediate family Members.

The member is assisted with any home emergency or non-emergency on a 24/7 basis at the members permanent residence which includes outbuildings on the premises. These situations apply to Electrical, Plumbing, Household, Motors & Appliances only for which the call-out and first hour’s labour is free of charge to the member.

This service provides a telephonic, after hour’s homework helpline where qualified tutors assist learners with their homework or project queries. It provides access to the Internet and any information supplied through the Internet can be forwarded to the learners by e-mail, fax or courier service.

The service provides assistance with personal tax enquiries, referral to an appropriate tax specialist, interpretation of personal tax options and telephonic assistance with the completion of personal tax returns.

Get In Touch:

As a Member you will receive exclusive access to our services via our telephonic assist line.

Use the number below for the service assistance that you require.


010 591 4350



0860 436 374

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